Five Easy Pieces

January 26, 2007

Is there anybody out there?

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So here I am, finally becoming a blogger. There are so many topics to write about, millions of blogs to be compared to and the struggle to find the time to commit to doing it. But even being up against these odds can’t prevent me from expressing myself.

Why do it? The seeds were planted from a few different sources:

My brothers and I usually trade emails every week or two and throw out what movies or television we have been watching, music we have tuned in to or books that are worthy of a look. And boys being boys, sports are usually covered in good measure, as well. After some particular rant, I can’t recall what pissed me off enough that day to blow my stack, my brother in California shot back a reply email saying I should be blogging this stuff. That’s Seed #1 = an audience other than my brothers may enjoy hearing my crap; whether they get a laugh or get pissed, it’s there for consumption.

I am a graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH (or as our circle of friends like to cheesily refer to it, Cincinasty) and an avid follower of their men’s basketball team. I consider myself a huge fan but also view their success or failure objectively (as a HUGE college ball fan). I frequent and have posted plenty of comments on The pleasure I have taken in writing up critiques of the team or games, even other chatboard posters’ comments, has since sparked a renewed pleasure in getting my opinion expressed and heard in an intelligent and structured forum. If I can do it for basketball, then why can’t I do it for my other passions – family, film, cleaning (yeah, I’m one of those types that follows my wife & kids around, picking up shit even though they may be using it one minute after I put it away)- whatever the topic may be, it’s something I feel strongly about.. That’s Seed #2 = It is immensely satisfying to read about “it” and talk about “it”, and I know it will feel good to write about “it” as well.

I also constantly find myself offering advice, opinion and analysis on a lot of different things, whether it be to co-workers, friends, family or even strangers. I am by no means a worldly individual that has “been there and done that” so that I feel I have to impart my knowledge and awareness to everyone so that the world will be a better place. Nope. It’s mostly because I think I’m pretty smart. Somewhat arrogant some may say. I have even been told I can be condescending, though sincere while doing it. I used to shrug it off and say “c’mon, I was just saying…” or “all I meant was…” Maybe I am missing the big picture of who I am. Well, I try to tone it down (and I even succeed sometimes) but unfortunately I can’t turn it off. That’s Seed #3 = I gotta be me and there’s no better way than to let it fly in this forum (if comments come back, all the better – if not, then I’ll assume the reader is blown away and agrees with me entirely. Yeah, I like that idea).

That’s why I’m here. Figuring out how to name this page was mind numbing. Catchy? Hip? Dorky but in a cool “I know I’m being dorky” way? Funny? Serious? Figuring out the initial post has been a bitch. I began writing a movie review. I began writing a sports commentary. I began writing about my wife and kids. I began writing about my house and the ups and downs of the exterior paint job (?!). I began writing about the clutter battle I fight in my garage and crawlspace. Seriously, this is the stuff I think about.

My wife asks me: what are you truly passionate about? Those five articles I began to write are what I am passionate about. [Cleaning? What? Ask any of my college roommates and they’ll still make comments about me tearing through that shitty house of five college burnouts, cleaning and organizing while blaring Led Zeppelin “Physical Graffiti” or Jane’s Addiction “Ritual De Lo Habitual” or The Feelies “Only Life”, etc, etc. Ask my wife and she’ll tell you how she can’t stand cooking with me around because I will clean up the dirty measuring spoons, pots, pans, knives, whatever while she is still trying to use them. Oh yeah, that burns her up.] So five passions – that was easy to figure out. Then the pieces all fell together. “Five Easy Pieces”. Yeah, it’s a Nicholson film from the 70’s and I am a film fanatic, so that makes sense. But I don’t hold any strong allegiance to that film; I saw it once, twenty years ago and couldn’t tell you anything more about it than the diner scene it is widely known for.

So that’s it. My initial post. Yeehaw. Welcome to my cyberworld…and don’t worry, I won’t follow this boring intro up with a doozy of an article about tips on what to use to clean stainless steel appliances. Like I said, I think I’m smart and that would just be plain dumb. Peace…

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